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2.5kg of Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate | Grass Greening, Moss Killing & Turf Hardening

From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

2.5kg of Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate | Grass Greening, Moss Killing & Turf Hardening

505 reviews
From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

Usually delivered the next working day

  • Make your neighbours envious with a healthy, lush green lawn all year round
  • Hardens turf, prevents lawn disease for healthy, green grass
  • Easy to use and apply with clear usage instructions on the back of the tub
  • Extremely powerful formula used by greenkeepers, lawnkeepers and more
  • Encourages growth of healthy, dark green grass whilst suppressing worm casts
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  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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Product information

Brand: Pro-Kleen

2.5kg of Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate

Available in 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg!

Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate is a long-lasting fertiliser, rich in iron, that helps prevent lawn disease, encourages growth of healthy dark green grass whilst suppressing worm casts. Iron sulphate is also known as ferrous sulphate and sulphate of iron. Benefits of using iron sulphate are: grass greening and turf hardening. Did you know that it also helps to keep your grass healthy throughout the winter months?

Why choose Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate?


Our iron rich and long lasting formula encourages strong, healthy green grass to improve the appearance and quality of lawns. It's highly effective in grass greening and turf hardening!


Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate is used and trusted by greenkeepers, lawn keepers, park keepers and sports groundsmen for perfect pitches, green lawns and superior golfing greens all across the UK.


Our thoroughly revised, tried and tested formula even helps to prevent lawn disease with its turf hardening qualities.


Pro-Kleen's easy to use, resealable tub makes it easy to close after use and conveniently reseals for optimum freshness.


Simply refer to the suggested usage on the reverse of the tub, dissolve your chosen amount of solution into water and apply via watering can or sprayer onto your grass.

Grass Greening

For greener, healthier looking grass, mix with water at the rate of 10g-20g per 10 litres of water for 10 square metres of lawn. You can use iron sulphate at this concentration at any time of year as long as good soil moisture is available and there is no strong sun or heat!

2.5kg will cover over up to 2500 square metres 

1-2g per 1 litre of water per 1 square metre 

10-20g per 10L of water per 10 square metres.

Turf Hardening

Increase the concentration and not only will it have an amazing effect on the greenness of your grass but it will also start to ‘harden’ the turf making it more resistant to disease and fungal attack. This makes it a very common practice on sports turf in autumn and winter. For hardening, we recommend applying between September and April when plenty of moisture is available and when sunshine is unlikely.

2.5kg will cover over 1000 square metres

2-3g per 1 litre of water covers 1 square metre.

20-30g per litres of water covers 10 square metres

How to Kill Moss:
As a guide, use 5g to 1 litre of water when removing moss.

40-50g per 10L of water per 10 square metres. 

1kg Covers 100 square metres.

Mosses are plants, comparatively simple in structure and function and, with the Liverworts, comprise the Bryophyta family – one of the least complicated groups of the plant kingdom. Moss is unsightly and often hard to manage. Simply increase the concentration to get rid of it. Moss grows where there is nutrient poor soil, high acidity soil, compacted soil, or soil that drains poorly or where there is excessive shade basically where grass cannot survive. Sulphate of iron, commonly applied in winter or early spring removes the moss. After the moss turns brown, you can rake it loose with a garden to remove it from the lawn.


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 505 reviews.
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ashley clements
excellent product
12 Mar 2019
Have used this before so was ad expected. Smooth purchase and delivery
12 Mar 2019
a brilliant product and already can see results just after using it a week
13 Feb 2019
Geoff Warriner
Sorry cannot report on product at this stage as I have purchased it for the spring. But the supplier is Ok!
31 Jan 2019
Graham Peters
This product is excellent for the treatment of moss on your lawns & is a good tonic for greener grass.
22 Jan 2019
Geoffrey Hicks
Great product delivered as promised
23 Oct 2018
Keith griffin
Worked a treat,I would use again.Oh I did .
17 Oct 2018
Christine Spencer
Great service highly recomend.
18 Sep 2018
Bought to kill moss. It has done the job.. Started with a light dose and increased for more stubborn stuff. Almost moss free now. still got plenty left to finish the job. *****
29 Aug 2018
Lorraine wall
Very good product kills moss straight away only problem is scrapping it up
22 Jun 2018
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479 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is safe to use near pets. However, we would advise you to keep them away from the grass for 12 - 24 hours after application. 
How often should I feed my lawn of 40 sq metres?
We would advise to treat in Autumn, Winter and Spring with two applications, one to two weeks apart.
Can I apply in. November / December to kill moss and fungus growth? Please give concentration required. Many thanks Roger
Yes, this can be used in Autumn, Winter and Spring. The concentration would depend on what you are using the Iron Sulphate for. Please see product details for application on grass greening, turf hardening or removing moss.
Does it get rid of wormcast
As this product encourages healthy grass growth, it will help to surpress worm casts.
Will treatment with iron sulphate deter moles, ie by cutting out the number of worms in your lawn
We are not aware of this product detering moles, but it will surpress worm casts.
Can this product be used on artificial grass to kill the weeds at the edges?
This product will not kill weeds, and we would not advise you to use on artificial grass.
How long after applying Iron Sulphate before reseeding bare patches?
Once the moss has blackened and been raked away from the lawn, we would advise you to leave one to two weeks before reseeding.
Will this harm fish if used near ponds when mixed to the moss killing dilution
Although the product is not classified as environmentally hazardous, this does not exclude the possibility that large or frequent spills can have a harmful or damaging effect, so we would advise to avoid contact with the pond.

Please advise on usage of Iron Sulphate with regard to dog and cat welfare - thanks
After application to your grass do not allow your pets or children onto the treated area for 12-24 hours.
I have a verylarge area to treat with a lot of moss.i will be using a 15l knapsack sprayer.what dosage should I use?
We would suggest 60 - 75g product with 15l of water per 15 square metres.
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