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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers

Commercial Electric Hand Dryers from HSDonline

Our wide range of hand dryers include high speed hand dryers with super quick drying times of 10 seconds or less, low noise models for schools, nurseries and restaurants as well as leading brands including Dyson, Xlerator and our exclusive brand, Pro-Dri.

Purchasing a hand dryer from HSDonline

HSDonline were the original online retailer for hand dryers supplying thousands of commercial premises throughout the years. We actively source the hand dryers best suited to our customers needs whether this be the speed, noise or look of the unit. From huge shopping centre complexes requiring high speed hand dryers through to the local bowling club requiring a user friendly, budget model to dry hands at a calm and comforting speed with a lower noise output.

Due to our knowledge and expertise, we developed our own range of hand dryers that are exclusive to HSDonline and offer low energy hand dryers that are energy efficient but affordable to everyday businesses who cannot afford to pay the premium offered by other brands of hand dryer. Pro-Dri models offer the user a energy saving hand dryer with some models costing less than £10 a year to run.

These energy efficient hand dryers cost less than a penny to run and are becoming more popular throughout service stations, shopping complexes and sports stadiums as the demand for efficiency and performance increases. Waiting 60 seconds for a slow, loud hand dryer to dry your customers hands is no longer acceptable and can have an impact on customers views of your premises as a whole.

As well as supplying everyday businesses such as restaurants and pubs, we are also trusted to supply public sector premises such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and prisons. These hand dryers have to be robust but also hygienic and user friendly to ensure a fast, clean hand drying experience. As well as the public sector, we also work with architects and specifiers for new environmentally friendly building projects.

We regularly review, test and add units to our range to ensure we are offering our customers the best choice of hand dryers available.

Choosing the right hand dryer for you:

The wide array of hand dryers available make choosing a unit sometimes difficult for commercial premises who can be overwhelmed by choice. Fortunately, HSDonline are here to try and guide you in the right direction depending on what you feel is the main priority for the premises. HSDonline was the original online retailer of Hand dryers in the UK and have been established for over 15 years in the UK Market providing tens of thousands of businesses with our expertise and knowledge. We are committed to providing helpful advice and information to ensure your hand dryer choice is the perfect one for you.

Now, what is your main focus when selecting a hand dryer? This may depend on where it is going.

Noise levels

If the bathroom is situated close to a customer area (close to where patrons sit in a restaurant or close to a busy meeting room) you may want a quiet hand dryer, disturbing anyone outside the bathroom to an absolute minimum. Typically, quieter hand dryers have less power (the quieter motor producing less noise) so the drying time may be fractionally longer than the fastest models available. But we're looking for noise reduction, so we can accept the longer drying time.

When we think of low noise models, we think of Airdri hand dryers. The Quote, Quest and Quazar models are renowned for their quietness with both models awarded the 'Quiet Mark' by the Noise Abatement society.


Furthermore, noise level is a key consideration for schools. Another important requirement for schools is the durability of the unit (secondary schools in particular generally have a problem with vandalism) and efficiency. Junior and infant schools may want to go along with a quiet, slower hand dryer with less 'shock and awe' effect ensuring the children aren't frightened to dry their hands properly. The Airdri range above is the ideal solution for younger children as is the mild mannered Nino hand dryer, one of our best selling plastic units. For secondary schools, we would recommend our Stainless Steel Jet Flow Automatic hand dryers that are both robust and fast drying.

Drying time

Busy, high footfall areas such as service stations and shopping centres encourage users to enter and exit the bathroom quickly due to the high volume of people using the facilities. We classify a fast drying time of underneath 12 seconds although this varies according to different manufacturers on what they define as 'fast'. A hand dryer with a fast drying time needs to have a powerful motor and heating element or a super powerful ambient airflow where the motor essentially blasts the water and moisture from your hands. We would recommend the Warner Howard Airforce, the Pro-Dri Extreme or the Xlerator range for premises looking for a super fast, powerful hand drying solution.


Some premises who deal with users with vulnerabilities (such as the elderly or disabled persons) often prefer a hand dryer that is simple to operate. The Jet Flow manual push button hand dryer is easy to operate by simply pushing in the button on the unit that activates the motor and heating element. These dryers are relatively quick to dry hands without creating a wall of noise that can sometimes overwhelm more vulnerable users. Alternatively, there are traditional 'hands under' automatic hand dryers where users place their hands under the unit and the sensor triggers off the motor and drying process. These are generally seen as more hygienic as no contact is required.

Blade Hand Dryers 'Hands in'

Following on from the market leading Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer, several hands in units are now available, where a user places their hand within the body of the dryer rather than underneath the sensor. These blade models often provide fast drying times and are often accompanied with a HEPA filter to filter out 99% of bacteria for a more hygienic solution. These advanced units are often found in service stations and high traffic areas as well as areas where the standard of facilities is judged such as hotels and luxury casinos and restaurants. The Dyson AB14 still leads the way in its class with the Air Dynamics blade model or the HSD Jet Blade an affordable alternative, with three finishes to choose from too.

Perhaps you're opening a new business and want to ensure you get the right model or revamping some tired dryers? We have expert advisors ready to help and guide you towards the right unit for your premises. Our expertise in this field is second to none and we will always do our very best to support and guide you through the selection process.

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