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Hand dryers are a convenient and hygienic way to dry hands after using the bathroom. Modern electric hand dryers can dry hands as quickly and hygienically as a paper towel, without any need to replenish paper rolls.

Modern hand dryers now use state-of-the-art technology to dry your staff and customer’s hands quickly, quietly, and efficiently. This means they’re incredibly versatile and are suitable for almost any kind of business. Our extensive range of hand dryers covers any requirements you might have, so it’s easy to narrow down your search and find the right hand dryer for you. If you’d like some help choosing your hand dryer, read the buyer’s guide below or give our customer service experts a call on 0800 091 3171 for more personal advice.

What Should I Look for in an Electric Hand Dryer?

Usability – There are many different varieties of hand dryer, including the popular automatic hand dryers, manual hand dryers, and blade hand dryers. They each have different uses and are suited to different types of business. Manual hand dryers are simple and low-cost, and are so easy to use that they’re perfect for care homes or nurseries. Automatic hand dryers are easy to maintain, with low running costs making them an all-purpose drying solution for almost any business. Blade hand dryers use a high-powered blast of air to dry both sides of a user’s hands at once – ideal for busy customer-facing areas like service stations where customers expect their hands to be dried very quickly.

Power – Hand dryers use an electric motor to suck in cool air from the room and blow it at high speed through a heating element, resulting in a warm stream of air. Hand dryer power is measured in kilowatts (kW), and the more powerful a hand dryer is, the faster it can blow air onto your hands. The faster the warm air is blown onto your hands, the faster they’ll dry, so power is an important factor to consider if you want your hand dryer to dry hands very quickly. Bear in mind that (usually) the more powerful a hand dryer is, the noisier it will be. The balance between noise and drying time is an important one, so it’s a matter of which is the most important to your business; a quieter hand dryer or a more powerful, speedy one?

Cost – Hand dryers are very cost-effective as they’re affordable to buy with very low running costs. Prices can vary depending on the features that each hand dryer has, such as energy-saving features, noise-cancelling technology, anti-bacterial materials, and the material it’s made of. Use this guide to pick out the key features you want in your hand dryer and use the “filter” bar above to narrow down your search by price to ensure you get the most for your money.

Energy efficiency – Modern hand dryers are very energy efficient, and can use a relatively small amount of power to spin their motor at a high RPM. The power they use is divided between the fan motor and the heating element inside, which combine together to blow hot air onto a user’s hands. Some hand dryers allow you to switch the heating element off, meaning they only use a high-powered blast of cool air to dry hands. While this does improve energy efficiency, it may take a little longer to dry hands. If you’re looking for a cold air hand dryer to maximise your business’ eco-friendly approach, use the “filters” bar above to filter by cold air settings.

Noise – There is no such thing as a completely silent hand dryer, but modern noise-cancelling technology means many are now very quiet. Noise is measured in decibels (dB), so you can use the slider above (in the “filters” bar) to narrow down your search by dB. Bear in mind that the more powerful a hand dryer is, the louder it will be, although some quiet automatic hand dryers use noise-dampening technology to run quietly. This is an important feature to look out for if noise levels are important to your business; for example, if you work in a library, small café, or a cinema.

Drying time – Nobody likes waiting around for their hands to dry. That’s why drying time is important to consider for many businesses. The average drying time for an up-to-date electric hand dryer is around 10 seconds, although this can vary depending on the power of the dryer, the heating element, and the type of hand dryer it is.

Hygiene – Hand dryers are an incredibly hygienic addition to any business washroom. Modern units are usually fitted with HEPA filters, which catch 99.9% of bacteria from the hand dryer’s air stream, ensuring these bacteria aren’t transferred onto a user’s hands. If hygiene is important to your business, you may also want to consider an automatic hand dryer, which doesn’t require a user to touch the unit in order to use it.

IP Rating – IP stands for Ingress Protection, and it’s a measurement of how well-protected a hand dryer is from splashing water. Depending on where you need to place your hand dryer, you may need more splash-proofing. IP ratings run from 1 to 9, so an IPX1 rated hand dryer is protected against dripping water, while IPX9 means it’s protected from close-range, high-pressure water jets. Depending on where you want to install your hand dryer, you may only need to make sure it’s protected from drips. If you plan to install your hand dryer next to your sink, you may need IPX3 or 4 to ensure it’s safe from splashing water.

Design – If you want your hand dryer to fit into a stylish and professional-looking business washroom, there are a massive range of colours and finishes to choose from. If the appearance of your hand dryer doesn’t really matter to you, you can simply choose a functional and easy-clean white model. The “filters” bar above will allow you to choose between a range of colours and finishes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your brand.

Balance – No hand dryer will score perfectly in every one of the categories above. This is because many of these features are linked; for example, a powerful hand dryer with a fast drying time won’t be as quiet as a low-powered model. Think about which features are most important to your business and use the filters above to narrow down your search to suit them. If you’d like more personal advice or a quote, call our expert customer service advisers on 0800 091 3171 and we’ll be happy to help.

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