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Hand Dryers for Schools

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A simple guide for buying a hand dryer for a school

Here at HSDonline, we have witnessed a huge rise in educational premises such as schools, nurseries and playschools enquiring and asking for advice on which hand dryer is best suited for their toilets.

With over 6000 schools supplied with hand dryers, heating products and other products, we are uniquely qualified to provide the best advice for each school depending on their own unique, specific circumstances.

There are numerous factors to consider for each premises to ensure they choose the best hand dryer for their particular school.

Pre schools - Play Schools - Nurseries

Key factors to consider:

Reduced heat output

With children aged 4 and under attending nurseries and play schools, setting children off on a hand drying friendly path is essential for their future relationship going into primary school with hand washing and hand drying, ultimately leading to a healthier individual and healthier school.

By installing a hand dryer that produces unheated or room temperature air, childrens sensitive skin are protected from traditional, heated models operating at over 2000 watts in certain circumstances with a powerful heating element.

By using room temperature air, the hands are dried quickly but also at a cooler and less frightening temperature for young children. This reduced heat and wattage also saves the premises energy, reducing their own ongoing expenditure.

Low Noise Hand Dryers

In line with the reduced heat output, installing a quiet hand dryer in this environment is essential to continue the building of the relationship of the children with hand drying and hand hygiene. A low noise model that is friendly to ears is pivotal to ensure the children are not frightened or startled by the noise.

Automatic Operation

We also strongly recommend using automatic hand dryers, and steering away from manual units. By cutting contact with the hand dryer itself, this reduces the cross contamination and spread of bacteria that can occur with regularly touched parts of the hand dryer, which in most cases is the push button a manual hand dryer.

Other points to consider are the depth of the hand dryer itself, a slimmer, less protruding unit is somewhat less intimidating than a largerunit for young children.

Primary Schools and Secondary schools


Children between the ages of 5 and 11 generally use the toilet around 3 to 4 times per day. Despite secondary schools having a much larger footfall, primary school hand dryers, per dryer, are often used more due to Primary schools being smaller and more compact in size with limited toilets on offer, compared to secondary schools that have more toilet facilities.

Reducing absences with fast drying

A key battle in reducing illness in children is hand washing and drying. Typically, children like to have their hands dried quickly as they're concentration may wane with slower units, and we know wet, undried hands are a sure fire way to spread germs all over school. Schools should look to a unit drying hands in no longer time than 15-20 seconds.

Low Noise

As with pre schools, minimising noise output on the hand dryer range is essential for primary schools. This avoids both frightening the younger children at school as well as minimsing disruption from the noise, especially if the toilets are situated close to classrooms. Primary school classrooms and toilet facilities, in comparison to secondary schools, are often situated quite close together resulting in the noise from any hand dryer being heard in nearby classes.

Noise output is less important for secondary schools but should be considered if a particular toilet is close to meeting or classrooms. Some of the best quiet hand dryers available are from the Airdri range the Quote and Quazar have also been awarded the quiet mark by the Noise Abatement society.

Durability and Toughness

More importantly for secondary schools than primary schools is having an anti vandal, robust hand dryer that can withstand heavy use as well as any anti vandal attempts. Now some schools receive very little vandal attempts within their bathrooms, however a large proportion receive some attempts at damaging the units so a stainless steel, robust unit is key. In addition, these anti vandal properties also ensure the unit survives heavy general use anyway.

Universities and college campuses

Universities and colleges should look to combine the above characteristics to offer efficient and durable hand dryers across campuses. Quick drying times for improved performance coupled with low cost per drying statistics means our recommen hand dryers for universities include the Dyson AB14 hand dryer and HSD Silver Jet hand dryer.

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