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MYLEK Heaters

MYLEK heaters are all designed in and shipped from the UK. They're stylish, slimline, and powerful, with a range of energy-saving features to keep you cosy for less!

Why Choose MYLEK?

MYLEK heaters are fast becoming known as market leaders. They’re a reliable and cost-effective way to keep both you and your family warm for less while reducing your heating bills, and if that’s not enough reason for you to choose MYLEK, here are a few more reasons you should consider!

A British Brand You Can Trust

Mylek Lumi mounted on a wallAll MYLEK products are designed in and shipped from the UK. This guarantees you a few important things. The first is that you know your heater will the highest UK and European safety standards, so it gives you a bit of extra peace of mind. This means your heater meets the highest level of quality, so you know it’ll run efficiently and reliably. You also have access to UK-based customer service experts before, during, and after your purchase, who’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Reliable Performance

When you’re freezing cold, the last thing you want is for your heater to break down. MYLEK heaters are made with impeccable attention to detail so that they’ll never let you down when you need them most.

They’re also known for being incredibly energy efficient; most are ERP Lot 20 compliant, which means they meet the highest eco-friendly standards. This is good news for the planet, but it’s even better news for your wallet! That’s because a Lot 20 compliant heater must have a certain number of energy-saving features by law, so if you want a way to keep warm while reducing your electricity bills, a MYLEK heater could be what you’re looking for. If you want to learn more about Lot 20, check out our ERP guide here.

Innovative Technology

MYLEK heaters are packed with the latest heating technology that’ll keep you cosy for less. You can choose a heater with a timer, super-accurate thermostat, open window detection modes, smartphone control, and even voice control! These features put you in complete control of your energy bills and let you get more from every penny.

Accurate Thermostats

cosy shedOne of the best things about modern panel heaters is that they use thermostats to keep your room at a consistent temperature. You set your ideal temperature – say 21°C – and your heater will start warming up the room. Once it reaches 21°C (or whatever your target temperature is), it’ll turn off until it senses the room starts to cool down. It’ll continue to turn itself off and on as required to keep your room at your set temperature.

This is great for two reasons. Firstly, it keeps you at exactly the temperature you want without you having to constantly fiddle with your heaters’ settings. Secondly, it means that even if you run your heater all night, it’ll only draw power for a fraction of that time!

However, not all thermostats are created equal, and some are more accurate than others. The more accurate your thermostat is, the better it’ll be able to detect your room temperature and adjust your heater’s performance as a result, and the less energy it’ll waste. MYLEK heaters use very accurate thermostats, with many models accurate to within 0.1 degrees!


Panel heater LCD DisplayTimers are really important when you’re trying to reduce waste energy. They can be used to turn your heating on and off according to your schedule so you never have to worry about forgetting to switch off the heater and wasting energy! You can also program them to turn on when you’re on the way home from work and step into a cosy, pre-heated room!

There are two kinds of timer – 7-day timers and countdown timers. The countdown variety is more simplistic but usually a bit cheaper, while the 7-day timers give you much more control. If you want the ability to set your schedule for the week and let your heater do its thing automatically, a 7-day timer is a must!

Open Window Detection

If you forget to close a window in a room, it’ll be near-impossible to heat up. All the warmth will simply escape out of the open window, meaning your heater will never be able to reach its target temperature. This does nothing but waste energy – but luckily, heaters with open window detection will help stop this from happening. They can sense when the window is open and will turn themselves off when they detect sudden drops in room temperature. When you close the window and the temperature stabilises, they’ll turn themselves back on again! Most MYLEK heaters are fitted with open window detection hardware, so you’ll never have to waste a penny on heating up a draughty room ever again!

Smart Technology

Mylek smart panel heaterThe new breed of electric heaters is smart in more ways than one! MYLEK offers two smart heaters which allow you to control them using your smartphone. This makes them even more convenient than a standard remote control model, as you can control them from any room in your house. In fact, you can control and monitor your smart heater from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection! This means you can keep tabs on the kids’ energy usage while you’re out of the house or turn the heating on while you’re on the way home from work.

Both of MYLEK’s smart panel heaters use a free Wi-Fi app so you can make full use of your heater without any extra fees or hidden costs.

Unbeatable Value

Despite being packed with energy-saving features, MYLEK heaters are always incredibly affordable to buy. You’re guaranteed to get the most for your money, whether you want a heater that’s packed with features or a simple, no-frills model. If you’re after a bulk order for a work project, get in touch – we’re always happy to give bespoke quotes for large orders.

Stunning Designs

There’s no room in today’s world for the ugly, bulky radiators of the past. Every MYLEK heater is designed to be sleek, stylish, and compact, so it can fit into any room at work or at home. Browse the range of designs above – you’re sure to find the perfect one!

Something for Any Room

Many MYLEK heaters are splashproof, so you can use them in any room – even the bathroom! This exciting range also includes low profile heaters for conservatories and ultra-slimline models for use in very small or cluttered rooms. Wherever it is you need a heater, MYLEK has you covered!

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