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Panel Heaters

Panel Heaters

Wide Range of Electric Panel Heaters

We offer a selection of panel heaters from the leading brands at the most competitive prices online. From Brands such as Dimplex and Prem-i-air and with heaters fitted with adjustable thermostats, 24 hour timers and stylish, modern designs to suit every room in your property. Slimline in design compared to more traditional portable heating, the majority of the units on offer are available on free next day delivery for a modern and efficient way to heat your home

Panel Heaters - Make an Informed Choice

As winter draws in and temperatures start to fall, more and more of us will start to warm our properties for the first time in over 6 months in most cases.

More and more of our customers are turning to electric heating, especially landlords and property developers who may not be able to accommodate traditional gas central heating in new developments. Electric panel heaters have grown in popularity over the years and as technology has developed, so has the design and features available.

From January 2018, new energy regulations (ERP) are coming into law to force manufacturers and suppliers to ensure their units have certain features to maximise their efficiency. These ERP regulations apply to wall mounted compatible units. Here at HSD, we believe this is fantastic for consumers as the more control you can have on any heating option, the more savings available.

So we ask - what to look for on a panel heater?

1) Programmability

We strongly believe that whether you are purchasing one of the more expensive Dimplex units through to alternative brands such as Mylek or Prem-i-air, that a user should be able to program their heating to match their own specific requirements. A panel heater with 24 hour, 7 day programming (one of the new ERP requirements but already available on a vast number of our heaters) opens up so many areas that a property can avoid heating open unoccupied and empty spaces and program each unit in their home to exactly what they want it to do and when.

Here is an example. John is a school teacher and lives alone in a 2 bedroom flat. He has Prem-i-air digital panel heaters installed in each room within his property. During the week in term time, he is able to program his panel heaters to the following schedule.

05:00: Main bedroom pre-programmed to turn on

06:00 John wakes up for work and gets dressed: The kitchen panel heater is pre-programmed to turn on. Bedroom panel heater starts to cool and is programmed to switch off.

06:20: John heads to his kitchen to prepare his lunch and eat breakfast.

07:00 John leaves for work, all heaters are programmed to be OFF or to turn on should the temperature in any room drop below 15 degrees.

15:00 Kitchen and lounge Panel heaters programmed to get the room temperature to 20 degrees

15:30 John arrives home from work. He heads straight to his kitchen, at 20 degrees, to prepare his dinner.

16:00 He heads to the already pre-heated lounge to relax and eat his dinner. Kitchen heater reverts to OFF/ on should the temperature drop below 15 degrees.

20:00 30 minutes before John heads to bed, the bedroom panel heater is programmed to switch on for 1 hour.

20:30 John goes to bed in a warm bedroom.

21:00 Bedroom panel heater programmed to turn off.

Although a simple example, this schedule shows how you can heat a property efficiently by setting each panel heater in your property around your own exact lifestyle. The majority of units allow you to set these across either all 5 weekdays, individual weekdays and to completely alter things at the weekend.

This programmability cuts down your energy use, as traditional central heaters heats your entire property, despite the fact that you may all be situated in one room together.

2) Thermostat accuracy

A key factor on any panel heater is the accuracy of the digital or mechanical thermostat fitted to the unit. The majority of the leading digital units such as the Atlantic F127 and F18 models encourage users to designate a specific temperature to what they find comfortable (comfort setting) and economical (economy).

The user then selects which temperature or option they want across the 24 hours in the day.

Now should you select 20 degrees but the thermostat turns off at 18 degrees, or continues to heating your room at 22 degrees, that would be quite annoying, and a huge waste of electricity and energy. Inaccurate thermostats are thankfully starting to leave the market as technology develops and the Atlantic units mentioned above have the most accurate thermostat on a panel heater we have on site. Find out more on the Atlantic range.

With an accurate thermostat, the heater has a very small margin for error, and this keeps your energy use steady as if the room temperature drops even a fraction, the thermostat is clever enough to read and react to this. (Compared to letting the temperature drop by 2 or 3 degrees and then using all that energy getting the room back to the ideal/set temperature)

3) Design

We all have different preferences but just as the performance of the panel heaters is reaching new heights, as is the design of different brands. Due to their traditional design (very little depth and slimline body), panel heaters are finding a new home in luxury properties where minimalist preferences are preferred as the units almost blend into the wall decor.

The Mylek Digital panel heater range are a very popular choice in domestic properties as well as in rented properties as they feature a modern, slender design that fits in with most decor types. The Ultra slim range from Prem-i-air have a whole new look with a fantastic ice white tint that adds a whole new dimension when wall mounted.

The majority of the units available allow you to wall mount them or leave them free standing. They are also lightweight enough to move around the property pretty comfortably should you wish to limit the number of heaters in the property.

Some other tips...

Check the element type. Any heating element either aluminium or with an aluminium diffuser will generally heat up quicker than standard element types, as aluminium conducts the heat quickly towards the top grills on the unit where the heat is released.

The new ERP regulations mean that any wall mounted electric heater will have to have a open door/window detector going forward from 2018. The heater automatically cuts off should there be a drastic temperature drop (typically when a window or door is left open) until the temperature stabilises.

Here at HSD, we have been the leading online retailer of panel heaters for over 12 years and offer a range of units through different price brackets and specifications to suit your own specific requirements. We work with all the leading brands to ensure you have the best choice online and supply to the public sector including schools and the NHS who value our honesty and knowledge.

Should you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone (0800 091 3171 or 01977 552000) or through social media and we will help you find the right heater for YOU this winter.

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