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Let's be honest, when you read 'stomach exercises for women', you'll probably laugh to yourself and think that you don't have time. With the school runs, the working, the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, walking the dog, as well as trying to take care of ourselves and just magically keeping... Read More

If you want your abdominals to be visible, you probably thought about how effective an ab toning belt is and how this belt can help you to get the body you want... Ab toning belt: myth or reality? The answer is that an ab toning belt can help you... Read More

Leeds half marathon: Great cause, great run, great experience! As promised, here I am, to let you know how the Leeds Half Marathon went. In all honestly I thought the 13.1 miles would be a breeze with the amount of training I did in preparation however it turned out to... Read More

First of all, urinal incontinence is not an illness but a manifestation that could be caused by different factors and can be dealt with incontinence pads. At HSDonline, we understand that it may be difficult to mention this medical problem to anyone and therefore we've chosen to summarise in order... Read More

During pregnancy, a woman can gain 1st 12 lb on average which means that losing a big tummy is kind of an 'impossible-mission' or is it? HSDonline guides you along this tricky period and explains how a toning belt can help you. Patience + Moderate exercise =... Read More

Abdominal toning belt: Are you ready? Before thinking about a toning belt, the first thing to think about is living normally on a daily basis. Basically when you stand up, when you sit up, when you are driving, when you walk... and quite a lot of other movements need the... Read More

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